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1996 – 1998 Royal College of Art, London MA Printmaking. 1992 – 1996 University of Reading BA Fine Art. I am a full time printmaker working from my home studio near Holmfirth in Yorkshire. I exhibit regularly in the UK and Europe and sell my work all over the world, through my shop Little Print Press. FOR MORE INSIGHT ABOUT MY WORK, PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE: www.emmalawrenson.com

Saturday, 3 November 2018

I recently spent time walking in Snowdonia, in the hills and at the coast.
I was totally inspired to start work on a new body of work based on my trip.
 These drawings are the beginnings of ideas to be translated into large
 hand-drawn and then hand-printed screenprints.
 Each one will be a labour of love as there will be so many layers and details
 to print. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Forms and colour combinations.....
New small screenprints made in Sepember and October. 
These are all available to buy individually  
or as a set of eight for £210

Roll, screenprint on Fabriano 2018, edition 12, 58 x 45cm
£245 with free shipping worldwide.

Friday, 27 July 2018

'Carve' 71 x 71cm, Screenprint and pencil on Fabriano
Edition size 15. £235

I have been working on a series of very large screenprints
over the last month or two. This square series will have a both colour and
monochrome prints, which I am aiming to hang in sets of four or more of each.
Every one is made using hand-drawn stencils and then hand printed in my 
new studio at home.   

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

'Flow' 76 x 56 cm
handmade/hand-drawn silkscreen print.
I couldn't resist making some in yellow, it's my all time favoutrite
colour to print in! 

Just showing the size of these new square pieces with my trusty assistant Kate!

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Chance & Seam, 71 x 71cm, handmade and hand drawn screenprints
on Fabriano Rosaspina, 2018, editions of 15 £235 

These handmade screenprints are from a recent body of work (June - July 2018) and have a textured appearance which echoes a woodcut print. I love to add textures using mark-making when drawing my images prior to hand printing them, to add interest and also to give them a feel of nature and the natural world. The materials I use give the work a chalky quality. The paper is heavyweight, slightly off white and with deckles to all edges. These prints are part of a series, and are available to buy. I'll be adding new ones soon too.

Big Blue, 76 x 56cm  
screenprint on Fabriano 2018, edition 20 £195

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018

Peep and Slice, selected for this years Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.
I was thrilled to get into the RA this year as it's the 250th year anniversary.
I have now had six prints accepted in six years, pretty pleased with that!   
These are on display in the Sackler Galleries, which are upstairs
 from the main exhibition space this year. Catalogue numbers 1210 and 1211.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Gallery Walls to buy in sets.

Inspired by Matisse Collection.
A collection of six handmade original screenprints (from small editions) on Beautiful Fabriano Paper. 
Organic shapes and a delicate palette of greys, off whites and pale blues will add a feeling of peace and tranquility to your wall. I always strive to make work that is simple and understated with a little bit of elegance thrown in!

This nature inspired collection of simple motifs and fluid line drawings has a slight nod to Matisse. Available in my Etsy shop £265.

This minimalist set concentrates on geometric forms with bold use of colour. It’s crisp, smooth and clean images, explore shape and form through the layering of colours, textures and hand-drawn marks. I think this set has a retro / Mid Century Modern feel and is sure to add a pop of colour to any wall! 

Everything here has been made by hand from start to finish making a truly original collection of art. £440

This modern collection is fresh with summery shades of pinks, yellows and light grey’s. Most of the inspiration for these pieces comes from my immediate environment. I try to look beyond the obvious and note unusual shapes, patterns and colours as I go about my day, translating them into playful prints. £350

little sketches in coloured pencil. Generating new ideas for large prints. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


The screenprint on the left is one I completed in December and never got around to photographing until yesterday. I will be listing it in my shop today! 50 x 40cm Screenprint on Fabriano edition 15.

Royal Academy Summer exhibition

I'm very happy to have made it to the final round of judging for this years Summer exhibition at the Royal Academy. 'Peep' and 'Slice' are in small editions of 30 and I have just one of each for sale on Etsy for now! (£198 each which is cheaper than they will be in the summer.) The remainder will goon sale at the RA should they get in :) 

Sunday, 18 March 2018

little ones all in a row....

Saturday, 10 March 2018

A couple of new ones in this series have made a new set of six. They are taken from small sketches. I decided to make some smaller pieces that have the appearance of an actual sketch, they work on their own and with others.  
I have created some textural detail during the process of printing to add a softer feel, slightly different to my more hard edged work.
£135 for the set. I ship worldwide.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018


A new body of work in progress. All of theworks above are screenprints, or screenprints with pencil in small editions. Four of the five are available to buy through Etsy or directly. £95 each
They are listed under the 'Ink / Drawing prints' catagory. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Collages 2018. Ideas for new screenprints. I'm looking forward to working
on these new ideas especially the pink triangle and the larger one to the left.
The muted colours and really appealing to me. I seem to go in phases of liking brights
and then switching to a complete contrast. I think the grey, wintry weather may have
something to do with it.  

Laying out prints and mulling them over today in my studio. I'm keen to keep going on these after making 'Where it lies' (below in yellow) I have also been playing around with small collages to generate new ideas and so far I have liked them., which is a bonus! 

I've recently re-worked this print by changing one colour which never seemed to work...I had to print four layers separately to be able to do this without showing the previous colour! I think it was worth and much prefer the revised version of 'Surrounding'. Five have sold this week, and now I have only two available. Click to be directed to it in my shop :) 

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Peep & Slice

My latest screenprint, 'Peep'. Something a bit different. I decided to make a partner for 'Slice' which is one of my favourite pieces made at the end of last year. I've entered these two into the R.A Summer exhibition, fingers crossed they make it!  Both are for sale on Etsy, just one of each for now....
Recently finished and now for sale. 'Three Moons'
50 x 40cm which is a slightly new size for me...I like it!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

'Groove' 2018 (left) making up a set of three with 'Unfold' 2017, and 'Slice' 2017.
 I thought they made a nice triptych! :-) 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


'Groove' 47 x 35 cm. Edition of 30, Screenprint on Fabriano Rosaspina
£198 and newly listed in my shop on Etsy. 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Happy New Year!

Fresh year and some new ideas.........bring on 2018!