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1996 – 1998 Royal College of Art, London MA Printmaking. 1992 – 1996 University of Reading BA Fine Art. I am a full time printmaker working from my home studio near Holmfirth in Yorkshire. I exhibit regularly in the UK and Europe and sell my work all over the world, through my shop Little Print Press. FOR MORE INSIGHT ABOUT MY WORK, PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE: www.emmalawrenson.com

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

It’s been really enjoyable working in collage recently, I love it’s immediacy. My usual printmaking process is more rigid, it’s very premeditated. My prints, more often than not, are ‘designed’ before making them. Stencils, colours and compositions are all worked out beforehand, with a few evolving and changing during the process, but not many.

There’s a structure to printing that collage just doesn’t have. Collage has been a bit of an effortless, or rather a more intuitive process. I like feeling my way around a space, using fragments and leftovers to build something new. Each collage is about balance of colour and the interactions of the shapes within the rectangle. Re-ordering pieces becomes the subject itself.

It’s a new way of working for me; a kind of thinking on top of words, working over the pages of books at the end of their lives. Something more spontaneous and recycled.

I will be selling these very soon, watch out on my instagram feed. 🙌🏻

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